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bulkvision is revolutionizing global logistics with its digital blockchain cloud technology, which greatly increases food safety and transparency in the supply chain. Every single process step - from loading to unloading, product information (preloads), allergens, GMOs, details of the specific kosher and halal requirements and the cleaning processes used with their certificates - is securely and tamper-free stored in the blockchain. With bulkvision, the previous manual and error-prone documentation steps are replaced by digital and error-free data transfer.

Each transport container is given a unique Global Identification Number (GID), which gives all users in the supply chain access to exactly the data they need for their processes - in real time.


With bulkvision, you are not only investing in sustainable food safety and more efficient logistics, but also in safety and transparency in the global transportation of animal feed and chemicals. Our vision is to make a significant contribution to improving food safety and transport hygiene with the help of digital traceability of every single process step in the supply chain and by using standardized cleaning procedures.

With bulkvision blockchain cloud technology, we are making the daily work of the transportation and logistics industry, which is under enormous price pressure, easier. Efficient and error-free data transfer reduces waiting times at loading points, counteracts driver shortages and reduces the CO2 footprint at the same time. Our focus is on protecting consumers from dangerous contamination with salmonella or other contaminants and protecting the industry from product recalls worth billions.
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