Global identification

bulkvision is revolutionizing transparency and security in logistics processes with global identification. Through unique identification, we enable seamless traceability and efficiency throughout the supply chain, reduce risks and optimize operational processes.

GID - Global Identification

With global identification, you can rely on the highest standards in logistics. Our bulkvision blockchain cloud technology provides precise and unique identification of every event in your supply chain, which not only increases efficiency and transparency, but also significantly improves security. By using the global identification number, companies are able to seamlessly track products and means of transportation across borders, providing unparalleled control over the entire supply chain.

Präzision und Qualität


Bulkvision blockchain cloud technology transforms the cleaning process through digital innovation. Discover the key benefits of our solution.

QR code scan Access to the digital twin
Product loading and unloading
Inspection reports
ADR - Safety sheets
Digital security seals
Track & Trace
Cloud data storage
Spare parts lists
Cleaning certificates
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Enhance your communication and processes with bulkvision software. Ideal for logistics companies and cleaning facilities to speed up operations and increase efficiency.

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