Digital twin

bulkvision's digital twin enables real-time analysis and
and monitoring of physical assets, giving access to all technical details.

Technology in detail

bulkvision's digital twin is at the forefront of logistics innovation, providing comprehensive transparency, efficiency and security throughout the supply chain.throughout the supply chain. From precise monitoring and maintenance of transportation containers to seamless communication and real-time data collection, this technology is transforming the way companies manage their logistical and operational challenges. Discover how bulkvision can not only optimize operational processes, but also promote sustainable and quality-assured processes.

Steigerung der Effizienz
Minimierung von Fehlern


Bulkvision blockchain cloud technology transforms the cleaning process through digital innovation. Discover the key benefits of our solution. Maximize efficiency and precision in your logistics with our advanced digital mapping

Digital twin
Provides an accurate virtual representation of transportation containers with all technical details for improved maintenance and management.
Facilitates direct and efficient communication between all participants in the supply chain.
Ensures transparency and traceability in real time for every step of the transportation process.
Digital processes
Simplifies check-in/out processes and the identification of drivers and containers, including special requirements such as Kosher and Halal.
Safety and quality
Secures loads with digital seals and supports compliance with standards through digital cleaning orders and certificates.
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Enhance your communication and processes with bulkvision software. Ideal for logistics companies and cleaning facilities to speed up operations and increase efficiency.

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