With state-of-the-art technology and our innovative bulkvision blockchain cloud technology, we are revolutionizing the cleaning process for transport containers. As a loader or unloader, you have direct access to preloads and cleaning processes.

Transparent supply chain

With Bulkvision, industrial companies increase security and efficiency in their supply chain. Our solutions provide comprehensive monitoring, driver identification, tamper protection and accurate load information. Digital security seals and real-time arrival time updates minimize recall costs and protect corporate image. Rely on bulkvision for a reliable and transparent supply chain.

Präzision und Qualität


bulkvision blockchain cloud technology transforms the cleaning process through digital innovation. Discover the key benefits of our solution.

Complete transparency
Simple monitoring and control of food transportation
Driver identification at check-in and check-out
Food, feed and chemical defense, protection against sabotage and manipulation
Information on the summons
Detailed and truthful information on the last three subpoenas
Digital security seals
Use of digital security seals (food defense)
Drastic reduction in recall costs
Protection against image loss and brand damage due to recalls
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Enhance your communication and processes with bulkvision software. Ideal for logistics companies and cleaning facilities to speed up operations and increase efficiency.

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