Transport and Logistics

bulkvision is transforming transport and logistics through digitalization, reducing costs, and increasing transparency and quality. Experience our competitive edge with automated processes and real-time tracking.

Logistics Meets Innovation

At the heart of bulkvision is the integration of advanced blockchain cloud technology with industry-specific solutions. Our services include, among others: Track & Trace (POI), Global Identification (GID), and digital documentation of all process steps. Our focus is on the efficiency, security, and sustainability of your supply chains. Discover how our customized digital tools can help you overcome operational challenges and future-proof your logistics processes.

Präzision und Qualität


Learn how our digital solutions are redefining transport efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Real-Time Tracking
Seamless monitoring of transports through precise tracking in real time.
Global identification
Jeder Transporteinheit wird eine eindeutige ID zugeordnet, die vollständige Rückverfolgbarkeit gewährleistet.
Digital documentation
Simplifies the management of transport documents with digital solutions to make processes more efficient.
Intelligent fleet management
Optimizes fleet usage and management through data-based insights and analytics.
Environmental friendliness
Promotes sustainable logistics by reducing the CO2 footprint through optimized routes and processes.
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Enhance your communication and processes with bulkvision software. Ideal for logistics companies and cleaning facilities to speed up operations and increase efficiency.

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