Cleaning Stations

With state-of-the-art technology and our innovative bulkvision software, we are revolutionizing the cleaning process of transport containers. Experience how we bring accuracy and efficiency to every step of the cleaning process.

Digital order processing

The bulkvision software offers customized solutions for cleaning systems and logistics companies. Thanks to its adaptability, it improves the entire cleaning process - from increasing efficiency to quality control. Discover how our bulkvision software meets your specific requirements and revolutionizes your cleaning processes.

Steigerung der Effizienz
Minimierung von Fehlern


bulkvision blockchain cloud technology transforms the cleaning process through digital innovation Discover
the key benefits of our solution.

Digital order acceptance and processing
Avoids errors in manual order placement by the driver.
Language independence
Easier for drivers and cleaning staff.
Recommendation of the correct cleaning procedure
Use of a product database for cleaning processes.
Waiting list management
Connection of orders, drivers and dispatchers via the current cleaning time and availability of the transport containers.
Digital cleaning certificate
Creation and provision after completion of cleaning and automatic forwarding to the dispatcher.
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Enhance your communication and processes with bulkvision software. Ideal for logistics companies and cleaning facilities to speed up operations and increase efficiency.

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